Steve Jessop inspires business owners to learn more about selling

What can be learned from applying mysalespunch magic to a growing digital marketing business?

Vine Digital is a growing subsidiary of Vine Publishing, the producers of 'Vine Magazine', a prestigious publication in the up-market Sevenoaks region of the UK's South East. This is supplemented with the pioneering 'A List' directory which has a circulation of 200,000+ ABC1 30+ readers and is aligned with major brand name advertisers.

Building on their strong publishing foundations and associated client base, Vine has progressed into broader marketing services which includes strategic marketing consultancy, web development and social media advice and training.


Since early this summer Quantum and Mysalespunch Director Steve Jessop has been supporting Vine's owners and the sales group in strengthening their approach to sales planning. Subjects being addressed are:

  • Planning & organising sales activity in line with the targeted results.
  • Customer selection and prioritisation.
  • Capture and development of Vine's key 'sales propositions' to strengthen the selling of Vine's true business value.
  • Major account relationship development.


Director and founder Owen Hunnam says: "The Quantum input has come at just the right time for us as we prepare for faster growth. They quickly got to understand the sales dynamics of our business and our young, enthusiastic team have taken to the Quantum sales planning tools like ducks to water. It's a great combination and we're confident this is the catalyst we need to improve our sales performance…"

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