Steve Jessop lifts performance at D2E

Quantum and mysalespunch director Steve Jessop faciliates account management training session at D2E's annual conference.

D2E International is a specialist lift, escalator & façade access management consultancy based in central London SW1. It works on major projects for its clients from Vietnam to Victoria.

Optimising its supply-side knowledge D2E provides advice and management support on matters of building infrastructure design, energy research, service & maintenance and purchasing policy for a range of prominent names in sectors such as  retail, property development, hospitality and global commercial brand names.

Having studied the generally positive conclusions from their recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, Managing Director Bill Evans identified that there was scope to strengthen the quality of D2E's business relationships with its customers and asked Quantum and Mysalespunch director Steve Jessop to lead a training session on the subject of account management at D2E's annual conference in London on 11th July.

 Steve initially reflected on the key conclusions of the research keeping it 'real' by highlighting some of the less obvious conclusions of the survey

  • This was followed by a piece on the role of the consultant and how he / she exercises influence via knowledge and credibility in situations where they have no direct authority to implement change
  • Central to Steve's presentation was the pivotal importance of insight -- and how high this ranks on the client's list of what they value the most
  • Slotting the above into Quantum's S.I.S.T.E.M account planning framework Steve kicked off with some Quantum research showing 28 major name losses from one client which we were able to directly attribute to not understanding the customer's business
  • This was followed by the introduction of some key S.I.S.T.E.M tools designed to help D2E to be better at getting on the client's 'side of the desk' to better understand their world and what is driving them
  • Steve also illustrated:
    • A mechanism for better understanding how clients make their decisions, and
    • A practical way of more objectively gauging the quality of business relationships today and thus planning to strengthen them in the future.


D2E CEO Bil Evans summarises his experiences with Quantum and comments on the launch of mysalespunch:  "Having worked with Steve and Jeff in a previous life, it’s great to see how they have changed to be yet again ahead of the game. They are always inspirational, annoyingly thought provoking, above all incredible value. Well done guys".  

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