Time for a sea change in personal sales development....

Time for a sea change in personal sales development....

mysalespunch manifesto

Mysalespunch is a membership organisation for sales people, sales managers and sales directors who are serious about raising their game in a b2b sales environment. It provides tools and resources to complement workshop and coaching programmes or as a stand-alone ‘me-learning’ portal for driving sales improvement. It is miles away from ‘tick box’ e-learning – it’s ME-learning – selected by you, because you 'own it' and believe it works. You will also have the opportunity to participate directly in the debate on important sales matters – raising questions and issues which matter to you with other like-minded Mysalespunch community members and your colleagues. 

It’s hard to think of a subject in business which is as widely misunderstood as selling

How strange when we stop to consider the importance of winning and keeping our customers….. 

In our view the problem is that selling is still too often associated with discredited behaviour that takes little account of what’s important to the customer. Too few understand the rigour and the careful planning and preparation needed to consistently achieve excellent standards of sales professionalism. 

Mysalespunch explodes the myths associated with selling and helps you to understand exactly what you need to do in terms of planning and execution to consistently sell effectively. 

For more than 20 years the founders of Mysalespunch have been driving sales improvements within b2b sector organisations via their well-established sales improvement consultancy Quantum Sales & Marketing Services Ltd

They have worked across the spectrum with household name multi-nationals and niche businesses. Their clients are those well versed in matters of sales, and those who are not. 

Mysalespunch comprehensively and logically illustrates what is required to reach and sustain the highest standards of sales professionalism—showing you what it takes to plan for the results you need today and in the longer term – thus helping you to manage and self-manage in the here & now. 

Step by step you will see what needs to happen and you will have access to the practical tools you need to make it all come to life.