me-learning at your own pace in your own space

me-learning at your own pace in your own space

What do you get?

As a member of mysalespunch you will have online access to resources that will help you to be better at selling. Content is focused on 5 key areas of professional selling:

In a qualitative sense, 'selling value' is the very essence of what we're doing. This is where you find out what it means and how you can do just that.You will find white papers to give you valuable perspective on the subject: from capturing the nature of your business value (i.e. what you are selling) and using it to drive your sales dialogue, to gaining access to your prospect and opening up the first few minutes of the initial meeting.There are aide-mémoires to help you structure your meetings and manage challenges en route, such as price pressure. You will also find practical tools to support you with key selling tasks such as obtaining appointments and opening the meeting. Some of the tools are aligned with specific video tutorials and are designed to be used in conjunction with them.


"I'd like some" I hear you say….This is where you find out who to target and why. We provide some background thinking on 'oiling the wheels' via your network, as well as guidelines for your initial approach to your prospective customer. As usual, we keep it simple and stick to the core practicalities you will relate to.

Defending and developing business with your existing customer base is a lot to do with the quality of the business relationship. Here we demonstrate how you can objectively quantify the state-of-play of your customer relationships (i.e. what does the relationship really look like today?) -- and plan to improve them. Discussions about business relationships very often stray into subjective territory ("I think I have a great relationship with them…"). Here we show you how to be much more objective in that assessment.

In 'Animal Farm' George Orwell famously said that 'all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.' In an 80 / 20 sense (80% of our business from 20% of our customers) it can be said that this applies to our customers. Customers yielding a disproportionately high amount of profit for your business (or who have the opportunity of yielding the same) demand special time and attention. Here we take you 'behind the scenes' and show you what this really amounts to.  We provide the rationale to give you a wider perspective on the subject and, critically, a comprehensive suite of practical tools which you will need for your own key account planning.

Results are important. They pay our bills. We never knock results. The problem though is that a result, by definition, is a piece of history. It's past tense…. In selling we need to stay firmly focused  on looking forward at what will produce our result -- rather than gazing in the rear view mirror at what has been and gone. In a word that means we need to plan our activity. Sales activity can and should be planned in relation to the type of result we need -- and managed along the way. In this very revealing section we illustrate what it takes to do this: the 'ground floor-up' planning, the en route forecasting and in / out qualification -- what you must keep a firm grip on to achieve sustainable success.

Being part of the mysalespunch community means:

  • The opportunity to contribute directly on sales issues which are of high importance to you and your peers in the members-only Mysalespunch Discussion Group on Linkedin.
  • Direct participation in mysalespunch Twitter dialogue
  • Access to ‘members only' blogs revealing valuable '3D' insights on professional selling
  • Access to fresh content including thought pieces from guest contributors.