Question: In a nutshell, what will mysalespunch do for me?


mysalespunch is specifically designed to help those who have a strong desire to know much more about selling. Accessed digitally in a direct no-nonsense fashion, for a modest investment, you will learn how to plan and organise yourself productively and, most of all, to sell effectively when you are engaging with your customer.


Question: Why take mysalespunch seriously?


mysalespunch is driven by the insight of proven professionals. You'll learn from bursts of video-based tuition from them -- supported with the appropriate best practice tools, aides-mémoires and thought pieces. These have all been designed by practitioners with acclaimed insight who have proven themselves working with household names and niche businesses over several decades.


Question: How is mysalespunch different from traditional e-learning?



mysalespunch is light years away from 'tick-box', corporate-style e-learning. We call it 'ME-learning'. You will build your appreciation at your pace, when and where it suits you. mysalespunch has some tutorial input to provide essential 3D context, but above all you will understand the appreciation you need to build, and the levers to keep a grip on, to be consistently successful in selling. 


Question: How is mysalespunch different from all of the various sales portals and web sites?


mysalespunch is a sales discipline membership organisation for those who are serious about helping themselves. You will join like minded people in search of insight and have access to it from day one.

All of the resources you will need are here for your personal development. This includes priceless content supported with 'how to' video tuition and practical support tools, as well as stimulating thought pieces which will be refreshed regularly from wider resources. We will also harness the support network which you will help to create via digital media channels such as Linkedin and Twitter.


Question: How will the content of mysalespunch evolve and what time window will you operate to?


mysalespunch will most certainly evolve..!! We believe that today's content will provide you with a minimum of 12-18 months' enrichment and personal development in the subject matter -- but we won't stop there…!! Moving ahead we plan to extend this into both directly related and complementary subjects to strengthen your game with tomorrow in mind.